Anna Joy

This girl, I love her to pieces!  This was what she put on Wednesday night when it was time to go to church.  “I super hero!” She was also pretty excited to see the mask had her “A” on it!


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Michael  and Anna are playing in the tots soccer league this fall.  They had their first game last night and the were oh so excited.  They both played, and both did pretty well!  Michael scored twice for the other team, and got on a roll and kicked right past the goal a couple other times.  But he played, had fun, and didn’t tackle anybody! That’s a win in my book.  Anna even played, which I was nervous that she would be shy and not go out there.  She even got to kick off a couple times.  She got worn out by the end, and it took some encouragement and the coach holding her hand while they ran for the last couple minutes of the last quarter.  But she did it!  I’m so proud of both of them.  It was so fun to watch.  None of them really know how to play, so it can be rather humorous. 


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Earlier this summer the twins planted zucchini seeds as part of a storytime activity at the library.  Once they sprouted, we put them in the ground and they took off!  This week Michsel and Anna each got to pick their first zucchini off the plants. They were so proud!


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“Take my picture Mommy!”


 My gorgeous girl. 🙂 yes, she dressed herself. Can you tell?  And yes, the mini magna doodle was essential for this walk. 

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Morning of day 4.  The first week of school is starting to take its toll.  My boys were tired this morning! 


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First day of school

Kindergarten and second grade!  We sent 2 very excited little boys off to their first day of school this morning.  


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Monkey bars

When Nathan was about this age I remember working with him on the monkey bars.  He practiced and practiced.  Connor however, just suddenly started doing it.  Not sure how I missed the in between part! 🙂

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Day camp

Last week Nathan had day camp at church, and had a blast.  Everyday his answer to how his day was, was “awesome!”  He loved it.  


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Card carrying members!

They’re all official now with their own library cards! Boy did they think that was big stuff! 


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Gotta love summer: eating in their swimsuits before heading back out to swim!  

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