Well I have a new laundry system. To give credit where it’s due…I got the idea Here
Basically, I do laundry one day. I got each one of the kids their own laundry basket.

As clothes come out of the dryer, I sort them into their baskets, or the big one for D and I. That evening, when all the laundry is done I have the boys take their baskets, and fold or hang up whatever is inside. I taught them last Thursday how to fold their pants, and pajamas. We hang all their shirts, and they’ve been helping hang up clothes for a while.

Then they are to put everything away and take the laundry basket back to the laundry room. That’s it! I fold Michael and Anna’s clothes, but they know which drawers are theirs and love to help put them away. The little ones also help with the dryer. They like to push the clothes in.

Anna tries really hard to help hang up clothes too. These are her pajama pants she hung up. 🙂

So that’s it. It’s lifted a huge weight off of me, because laundry has always been hanging over me. Now, unless it’s Thursday, I don’t worry about the hamper because it’s not laundry day yet!

Not only does this give me a little help with the laundry, I feel like we’re doing something important for our kids. Teaching them that as part of the family, they are expected to help with some things around the house. We don’t do allowance(yet at least). It’s just part of how we do things here. The boys both grumbled a little last Thurs about how tired it was making them. (It really wasn’t that much!) I reminded them that I do it all the time for everyone and it makes me tired too! Then we talked about how this was something they can do to help out, besides, they’re the ones getting the clothes dirty! 🙂

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  1. Anita Root says:

    Great idea, keep up the good work. Your kids will learn to be responsible and it will give you some much needed help. I think it is an awesome plan!

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