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No pants Tuesday

It was a “wear a party hat, but no pants” kind of day.


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Big girl

So I bought Anna some new “big girl jeans”. They came in the mail yesterday, and she wanted to put them on right away. She discovered they had pockets, and the 2 baby bottles she was playing with went in and out of the pockets many times. She’s too funny! 🙂



Love that grin! 🙂

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Michael Boo


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Daddy’s home!


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Cheese Mr Potato Head!

We were playing with the potato head couple, and Anna wanted her picture taken with hers 🙂


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As a way to make up for the 15 snow days we’ve had, they’ve added an hour to the end of the school day. Today was the first day, and our Nathan was tired. Not that he’d admit it. 🙂


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It was a “pick your battles” kind of moment. I decided they could eat lunch on the table once instead of at the table.


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Rock and Roll !


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My boy

I got these little foam blocks out tonight as a little distraction for all 4 while I finished supper. The babies played a little and moved on. Both boys started building, and my little Connor spent quite a bit of time lining his up. He definitely gets that from his momma. 🙂


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I went with Nathan to a swim birthday party today. It took him a while to get comfortable in the pool, but he started getting brave and really jumping in by the end. 🙂


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