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Christmas Sunday

What a lovely day it was. 🙂  We started it all dressed up in our Christmas outfits at church.  After naps all around, we went downtown to see Santa.  The boys both gave their lists, while the babies hung back with us. Michael ventured over to get a candy cane, but Anna wanted nothing to do with Santa.  No surprise there.  From there, we headed to the library to stock back up on some books and a couple movies too.  I even got a book!  The last time I checked out a book I didn’t get a chance to open it before having to return it 3 weeks later.  I’m hoping over this “break” I may get a chance to do a little reading again. 🙂  After the library we came home and Nathan helped me make some Crunchy Peanut Clusters, which have become a tradition that we usually only make around Christmas.  It was such a lovely little family day. 🙂

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Sous chef

Connor is my little sous chef.  He loves to help me in the kitchen.  From stirring the Kool-ade, to helping make supper, he’s in! 🙂

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A crush

I think Nathan has a little crush on his teacher.  I found these on some of his papers.  She’s always very sweet and writes back.  🙂


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Last weekend, I look the boys to the grocery with me.  I try, at all costs, to NOT do this usually.  However, I had seen in the ad, that Santa was going to be there.  It was so fun!  I didn’t tell them, and we walked in and turned the corner and there he was.  The boys were so excited!  Connor was QUITE taken with Santa.  He was roaming the store giving out candy canes and Connor asked with the turn of every aisle where he was.  🙂


Connor has been VERY skeptical of our Elf on the Shelf, so his first question to Santa was, “Do the elfs really move?”.  Santa assured him they do, and that he’d left them at the North Pole to keep making toys. 🙂

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The babies, especially Michael, have discovered the fun that is trains.  They’re at this fun stage, where it seems they “discover” something new every day.  This day, it was the little area under the train bridge where they could hide the trains.  It’s such a little thing, but they were both SO amused. 🙂

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