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Happy Birthday Connor

Tuesday we celebrated Connor’s birthday.  Even though we have the babies, somehow, Connor is still “my baby”.  I just can’t believe he’s 4!  Some pictures from the festivities:

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A beautiful Sunday

Sunday, we took the kids to the forestry over in Brownstown.  It was chilly, but a beautiful day to enjoy some outdoor time with the kiddos.

The boys climbed to the top, Dustin climbed almost to the top, the babies and I watched from the ground!  I thought I wanted to climb, but only made it about 2 flights up and changed my mind.  I’ll stick with the nice stable ground, thank you very much!



After our climbing we went for a short little “hike” on a nearby trail, and then drove over to a shelter house and playground area for our picnic.






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Teaching them to serve

Our church had a missions event on Saturday that I signed the boys and Dustin and myself up for.  I am SO glad I did!  It was so neat to be a part of such a great project.  Our church partnered with Kids Against Hunger, to pack and ship over 40,000 meal packets to the Root Orphan Children  in Swaziland.  I manned one of the scales, making sure the filled packets were 13.8 oz while Dustin heat sealed them.  The meals have rice, protein powder, dehydrated veggies, and a vitamin powder in them.  Nathan and Connor were runners, taking the sealed packets to the table where they were being boxed.  I am so glad we involved the boys in this.  It’s one of those times in parenting when I really felt like I was doing something right!

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Take it!

So I had to share these, because they’re so funny.  Connor set down his pumpkin while we were taking pictures.  Well, Miss Anna realized he wasn’t holding it and insisted he take it…

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Take the pumpkin!!

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Well, now that its been more than a week, I suppose I could get around to putting Halloween pictures up.  🙂  The past week or so has been crazy.  I feel like I say that every week, but it has been! 🙂

Because of the weather delaying Trick-or-Treating, we “got” to spread the joy over 2 days.  (I was totally done after the church party on THursday, but those pesky kids still wanted to trick or treat, can you believe it!?)

Thursday, our church had a “Harvest Celebration” with games and candy prizes.  The kids had a lot of fun.  I, however, found the crowd to be a bit panic causing with 4 little people on foot to keep tabs on.  It was all good though, we left with the 4 we went with!

The Justice League: Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter



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It was such a fun night!  Then, Friday night we got to go Trick-or-Treating!

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The sugar crash:






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